Edouard Demeire latest book features techniques the pharma industry should adopt from Silicon Valley startups

Feb 09, 2021

Should the pharma industry adopt agile techniques used by Silicon Valley startups?

The COVID-19 pandemic has shined a spotlight on the Pharma industry as vaccines accelerated onto the market like never before. Pharma products are being evaluated in clinical trials at faster rates and never before have prescribers had so much clinical trial data to evaluate so quickly.  Our club member, BMS has a pharma product with over 1,400 clinical trials registered on clinicaltrials.gov in just 5 years after its first launch. In the past, a pharma product might have been evaluated in a few hundred clinical trials, after being on the market for two decades. 

As products are becoming increasingly complex due to targeted therapies and accelerating to market as seen in the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. Should pharma adopt agile techniques such as those used by Silicon Valley startups, to enhance the agility of their rigorous management? 

To know more about the subject, read the latest book of our Learning Partner Edouard Demeire, who explains the concepts and tools the pharma industry can borrow from Silicon Valley “KICCASS PHARMA: Keep it Customer Centric, Agile & Strategically Simple”

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