What if the transformation of the world started with you?

Mar 26, 2021

Never has our world been in greater need of urgent change, and yet change has never seemed more difficult or daunting. We are firmly convinced the global problems we face require massive action beyond the reach of mere individuals.

And yet, for a long time, a rich stream of international research has demonstrated the effectiveness of small steps leading to incremental change.

In his new book, Petites victoires: et si la transformation du monde commençait pas vous? (Small Victories: And if the transformation of the world started with you?) Philippe Silberzahn, CEDEP Learning Partner and Director and Co-Director of various programmes including our Mental Model Strategy, explores how a series of small victories is more likely to solve complex problems – whether it’s transforming an international organisation or acting on climate change.

Drawing on Silberzahn’s expertise in innovation, entrepreneurship and corporate transformation, Small Victories helps you decide which initiatives to pursue, how to make sure they succeed and how to scale up change.

Whether you are an employee, entrepreneur, executive, or concerned citizen, this is an indispensable handbook for pragmatic activists. Silberzahn gives you the tools to act today, carefully but decisively, to begin transforming the world.

Small Victories: And if the transformation of the world started with you? by Philippe Silberzahn is out now and available online. Learn more here.

Philippe Silberzahn is a recognised expert in innovation, entrepreneurship and corporate transformation. His work focuses on how organisations manage situations of radical uncertainty, from a managerial and entrepreneurial perspective. Philippe is Professor at EM Lyon Business School. He’s also a consultant, keynote speaker, management educator and author. 

If you would like to learn more about our Mental Model Strategy programme co-directed by Philippe Silberzahn, please contact Muriel Pailleux at muriel.pailleux@cedep.fr and click here for the Mental Model Strategy programme description.

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